Ferral Surfboards

Handshaped & Authentic since 1985 in Cape Town, South Africa

Ferral is all about living outside of the box and an attitude of non conformity to society’s dictations. We strive to uplift the craft of surfboard building keeping alive the traditions of the craft and in doing so honoring the past masters. 

We encourage surfers to keep it real and be in harmony with the wave as one should be in harmony with life and to honor mother nature who provides us with the amazing natural phenomena we call waves. 


We are the Ferral Crew. We love surfing and the ocean in all its forms & colors. We are true craftsmen. Authentic & reliable. We love everything about building surfboards, good coffee in between and cold beer afterwards. We´re living the life with an ear to the streets & an eye on the waves. All our experiences from surfing & building surfboards, all the influences by living between two oceans in the great city of Cape Town creates a force we put into each of our boards.
Martin Sass

Martin Sass

Anton Butler

Anton Butler

Founder & Shaper
Life Gwoshero

Life Gwoshero

Sander, Laminator


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