We are the Ferral Crew. We love surfing and the ocean in all its forms & colors. We are true craftsmen. Authentic & reliable. We love everything about building surfboards, good coffee in between and cold beer afterwards. We´re living the life with an ear to the streets & an eye on the waves. All our experiences from surfing & building surfboards, all the influences by living between two oceans in the great city of Cape Town creates a force we put into each of our boards.


Founder & Shaper

My name is Anton Butler I was born on the 28 of March 1965 and have just turned 50 years  old I started in the industry about 30 years ago under the watchful eye of one of South Africa’s best waterman, Jonathan Paarman who at the age of 60 is still tearing the waves up in Cape St Francis. Jonathan taught me everything I know about  hand shaping and became my close friend and mentor over the years. I was also influenced and had the honor of learning first hand from one of the first board builders in South Africa, John Whitmore (The Oom). I started my own Label in 1990 called Lazy B surfboards and built it up into one of the biggest labels in the Western Cape over the those following 10 years, with over 5000 boards hand shaped for some of the best surfers in S.A. at the time. For 3 of those years we did extensive export to Europe under the Lazy B label. I also acquired the rights to manufacture the Xanadu Label for South Africa and did so for 6 Years. I took a sabbatical and travelled extensively over the following years to all parts of the world some of the travel was surf orientated other parts exploration and cultural. During this time I still shaped on and off under the Lazy B label. In 2000 I got back into the industry full time and worked together with DVG, we built up a great friendship and working relationship over the the next 15 years. During this time DVG bought a CNC machine which worked on the Shape 3D software designed specifically for designing surfboards. I have now 10 years of design experience on shape 3D software which has added another dimension to my shaping. 3 Years ago I started the Ferral label, it all stemmed from the fact that in the modern era of board building I felt that the art of hand shaping was being lost so I decided to get back to my roots and in doing so build some of the surfboards that used to be ridden in the bygone era’s of surfing using the board building techniques that were used in those days such as resin tinting and polished finishes. 1 Year ago I left the Factory at Kommetjie with DVG and opened up the Ferral shop in Observatory we have the shop front with the factory behind.



Martin is a certified plumber and well known HipHop Dj from based in Germany. Years ago, the adopted capetownien was a regular customer looking for a log. He was told that i could help him out. A couple of coffees and good chats later we met at the shaping bay. Before Martin knew it and while watching & documenting the birth of his new log at my old workshop at DVGs, he had found a new big passion. At that time Martin was also looking for an accommodation so Anton the shaper became also Anton the landlord and we became good friends and partners. As a versatile craftsman, self-employed musician for over 15 years and enthusiastic photographer, Martin brings in a lot skills & fresh input in many ways. He is responsible for the Ferral imagery, our web and social media presence and he is the Ferral contact in Germany.


Sander & Polisher

Life Gwoshero is 23 years old. He joined the Ferral team about 10 months ago. He is our sander and polisher, we taught him from scratch and in an amazingly short time he learnt to polish and sand better than his tutors.

He is now learning to laminate as well after expressing an interest to learn all facets of the craft of surfboard building.

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