Juliette Pauling

"Create and release your craft you never know who you may feed."

Juliette is a Cape Town based actress who in lockdown created an instagram series called 'The Andersons' where she plays the whole family. Namely the Mother, Daughter, Son and Gran.
The idea came from her trying to show her abilities as an actress in 2019 and morphed into a full on lockdown project in 2020.
Juliette enjoys satire and the subtle human characteristics that make situations funny due to them being familiar and easily relatable.
As artists we often deem our work imperfect. Sometimes down right kak if I'm honest. But our poison is often someone else's meat. Generally speaking; Chefs don't eat their own food, weed growers don't smoke their own harvest, Doctors don't operate on themselves. But their work is appreciated or indeed warranted. Create and release your craft you never know who you may feed.

Local Magic

Local is Lekker! Everything Ferral makes is made in South Africa, by South African's, for South Africans. 

Never Mainstream

All Ferral Surfboards are hand shaped to ensure you have the best possible board in the waves - for you.

30 Years Experience

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