Anton Butler

"Striving to uplift the craft of surfboard building"

Ferral is all about living outside of the box and an attitude of non conformity to society’s dictations. We strive to uplift the craft of surfboard building keeping alive the traditions of the craft and in doing so honoring the past masters.

We encourage surfers to keep it real and be in harmony with the wave as one should be in harmony with life and to honor mother nature who provides us with the amazing natural phenomena we call waves.
Anton Ferral

What it means to us

Local Magic

Local is Lekker! Everything Ferral makes is made in South Africa, by South African's, for South Africans. 

Never Mainstream

All Ferral Surfboards are hand shaped to ensure you have the best possible board in the waves - for you.

30 Years Experience

We produce only the highest quality surfboards within South Africa and Europe.
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