Ferral Surfboards - Art Board Series

Series 01 - Blaze Brooks


Blaze Brooks is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Brooklyn, New York. His work is a combination of traditional graphic illustration, interactive typography, and computer-based distressing techniques that create an outcome one might refer to as digital ephemera. Blaze’s use of paper texture and a limited color palette generates an authentic illusion often mistaken as analog media.

Some of Blaze’s notable clients include: Tom Petty, Fat Tire Brewing, Playboy, Willie Nelson’s Luck Ranch, Abbot Kinney Festival, Lowell Farms & Cafe, Life Is Beautiful Festival, Orville Peck, Cody Ko and Noel Miller.

Blaze's History:

Growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, Blaze began drawing when his father would bring home “How to Draw” books and they would compare each others’ final products. Throughout elementary school, Blaze would spend his summers with mentors who introduced him to a variety of techniques, famous works, and media. Brooks continued to draw through junior high and high school as a side passion while taking on graphic design as a full time career. Once Blaze graduated from high school, he continued commercial design as a lead designer at Central Christian Church in Las Vegas. Throughout 2015, Brooks began releasing custom apparel, taking on commissioned murals, and experimenting with a wide range of media. In February 2016, he decided to move to Brooklyn, New York in search of a new creative surrounding. Being in Brooklyn brought on new opportunities, new client work and a new source of inspiration. After 2 years in Brooklyn, Brooks decided to leave his position at the church to take the step into full-time freelance work and continues to do so today. Currently, Blaze Brooks is continuing his freelance career from his home studio and working primarily with tattoo artists, music artists, and apparel brands.

You can find more on Blaze's incredible work at www.BlazeBenBrooks.com.
More of his incredible work...

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