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This is us - Ferral Surfboards South Africa. Our core department. We'd love to build the dream board for your needs. Maybe one of our shapes is already your favourite pick and you need some adjustments? Let us know... everything is possible!

pistol whip fish surfboard

Pistol Whip

Surfing Level

This is our flag ship and most successful model to date. Designed with a combination of old and new school attributes. The board keeps the outline of the old school fish as well as the flatter rocker line but we have combined the new school single to double concave in the bottom which runs into a slight v in the last 6 inches in the tail. This boar is fast and responsive and comes with either Future or FCS fin system and can be set up as either a twin fin (recommended) or a Quad fin.

Sizes range between 5’6 to 6’2 and litres between 28 and 43 litres.

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Dark Horse

Surfing Level

This is our latest offering to the model range. Because of the popularity of the mid length I developed this board for those of you wanting to add something slightly different to your quiver.

Essentially this board has been designed around the twin fin set up, although we can add a middle stabilizer fin in the board which gives the board extra drive and stability in bigger hollower waves. A great paddler that will up your wave count. The bottom configuration in this board is what we call a hydro hull. The hydro hull bottom incorporates increased “V” for quick rail-to-rail transitions. A bevelled rail facilitates release while maintaining a nose to tail edge for bite and projection. A subtle double concave is added which creates a straighter, faster rocker as well as providing increased lift, which dramatically improves plaining efficiency. With this design your front foot drives off of the concaves while your rear foot utilizes flat “V” panels in the tail area for a loose turning characteristic.

Sizes range between 6’6 and 8’0 and litres between 30 and 68 litres

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Longboard Surfboard Cape Town


Surfing Level

This long board is a 70/30 mix between performance and nose riding attributes, a very versatile board which can be surfed in all conditions and wave types. A very functional board for beginners to advanced surfers. The design of the board has been kept quite simple. It has a slight nose concave with a performance bottom rocker that has a very slight single concave in the centre of the board running through to a slight double concave in the tail. The board is lively and has great rail to rail transition capabilities. 

The fin set up is a choice between a straight thruster set up or a 10” single box
with thruster options, the latter enables you to surf the board either as a thruster or as a single fin.

Size range between 9’0 and 9’2”

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Ghost Rider/Log

Surfing Level

This is our log model and has been developed over the past couple of years to this latest version. We have tried to put a little bit of performance into the board when surfing it off the tail. It carries slightly more rocker through the tail combined with flat v and harder edges than normal in the rail to give the board quicker direction change when surfing off the tail. It however still maintains the traditional width and volume throughout the board with a flat nose rocker and deep single nose concave which gives it great nose riding capabilities. The board comes standard with a 10” FCS single box.

Sizes range between 9’0 and 9’5”.

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Surfing Level

This board is a performance hybrid and is a great all round board. Keeping all the performance attributes but combined with more width and volume. It has a single to double concave with a low entry rocker and is a board that paddles very easily which means you can get into waves sooner and it definitely ups your wave count and fun factor. The recommended tail choice is rounded pin but a squash tail works as well. The board is a great choice for those of you who carry a little extra weight or don’t get to surf as much as you would like. Very versatile in all conditions and wave types.

Sizes range between 6’2 and 6’10 and litres between 30 and 50 litres

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