Ferral Freak Skaters with custom decks

Thought Ferral was only surfboards? Think again.
Here's Marie, a graphic designer, commercial model, skater and surfer. 

''I have always been into sports, especially where speed is involved. I love to go fast and love having fun''. "Skating and surfing have made me more patient with myself and my environment as well as empowered me in believing that I can do anything I set my mind on achieving''. Says Marie.

Marie's dream is to see younger women get involved in both skating & surfing communities and excel, to inspire more girls to start at a young age.

Marie is hopeful for the future of women in these disciplines as she waits in anticipation for local female talent to blow minds.
!! Decks coming soon !!

Local Magic

Local is Lekker! Everything Ferral makes is made in South Africa, by South African's, for South Africans. 

100% Secure Payment

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30 Day Return Policy

Excludes Customs & worn/damaged accessories or shirts.
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