Ferral beanies

In collaboration with Pure Touch, we are proud to present to you the warmest Ferral Beanies. These Beanies have been lovingly handcrafted in OceanView Cape Town by the ladies at Pure Touch custom made for Ferral. 
Nadja Ernst, Founder of Pure Touch
“Hi, I’m Nadja Ernst. Founder of Pure Touch, wife and mom of two children. Although my roots are German from home, I grew up in this beautiful country and am always still in awe of the nature around us and the beauty of creation.
I have always been passionate about creating beautiful things, but have an even stronger passion for helping and supporting people in need. This motivated me to start a second career as a social worker.
Pure Touch products not only support the production and use of more sustainable resources like hemp and organic cotton but their production and sale also support and make a difference to the lives of other moms and women facing difficult circumstances. A bonus : our products are reusable, washable and naturally decompose – adding value and beauty to any home!”

Says Nadja “we’re a group of eight ladies now that knit and crochet. Some of them have learnt this skill from a young age, some are still learning. It’s become a real community of women, supporting and teaching each other. Pure Touch is a social enterprise, which means that we are not only a business. The social objectives are as important as the business objectives, trying to invest in social support where possible. One of our goals is to build strong relationships and build a community that supports each other. It has been rather amazing seeing the ladies build friendships and a strong support group.


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