Ferral Freaks

Kola Cohen

Surfer and Skater
Kola is 19 years old. He has many passions which keep him both mentally and physically fit- from botany, design, business, writing and music to cycling, surfing, mountaineering, skating and spear fishing. He reckons he is a jack of all trades, and hopefully to become a master of many one day!

Anton Butler

Ferral is all about living outside of the box and an attitude of non conformity to society’s dictations. We strive to uplift the craft of surfboard building, whilst keeping alive the traditions of the craft and in doing so honouring the past masters. 
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FeMarie Ariane Cavanna

Skater and Surfer
FeMarie Ariane Cavanna is a hyperactive crèpe from France that has been living it up in Cape Town since 2006. Marie is a graphic designer, commercial model, skater and surfer.
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PJ Offner

PJ Offner is a Loerie Award winning designer based in Cape Town. PJ has worked on numerous design projects alongside world renowned brands such as Levi, Shelflife Store and UCT.

PJ is a Senior Illustrator at "Am I Collective" based in Cape Town, South Africa and the Creative Director at Bewilder.tv.
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Stephen Schutte

Media & Marketing
Stephen is originally from KwaZulu Natal. He spent his younger years surfing the Bay of Plenty & New Pier. Stephen also has a passion for Skateboarding.
Shortly after school he left South Africa, only to return 13 years later. Stephen is a natural born adventurer, having surfed exotic locations, and summited Mt Kilimanjaro at the age of 21 and has trekked the Arctic.
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Juliette Pauling

Juliette is a Cape Town based actress who in lockdown created an instagram series called 'The Andersons' where she plays the whole family.
The idea came from her trying to show her abilities as an actress in 2019 and morphed into a full on lockdown project in 2020.
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Emile Fick

Art Director, Videographer, Photographer, Designer, horrible surfer and generally nice guy.
Starting a career in actionsport and documentary style content creation, Emile always loved telling or documenting fascinating stories. After working for some big companies and their attempts in sustainable business models for over 6 years, he re-directed his efforts in smaller, more passionate endeavours and got involved with an award winning international agency called Magnetic Creative (an agency that helps companies find their true drive in an ever chaotic digital era).
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Content creator, skateboarder, graffiti artist & aspiring surfer
Vorster originates from a small farming community along the West Coast of SA, about 300km from Cape Town.
Says Vorster 'I started skating, because I was always drawn to the unknown, and being from a small town, no one skated, which made me even more interested in doing something new.
We didn’t have skate shops, so I had to wait about 6 months before I could go to Cape Town and get a board to start skating.
Vorster intends to inspire other people to also explore and try new things as this approach has always lead him to continued self discovery.

Ferrals history


Anton Ferral started his own label called "Lazy B" surfboards. Over the next 10 years, 5000 surfboards were built for SA's finest.


Anton took a sabbatical and travelled the world in search of surf orientated exploration and culture.


Back in Cape Town, with the start of a great friendship and partnership with DVG. First time trying a CNC machine and now with 20 years experience, this adds a whole new dimension. 


The Ferral brand is born. A brand separating itself from the herd, following a "Never Mainstream" motto.


Here we are 30 years later and it's the same Anton Ferral brand, with the the same passion, love and pride crafted into every surfboard that leaves the warehouse. With some new Freaks  empowering the youth of a counter collective culture. 
podcast on what we've been up to

Local Magic

Local is Lekker! Everything Ferral makes is made in South Africa, by South African's, for South Africans. 

Never Mainstream

All Ferral Surfboards are hand shaped to ensure you have the best possible board in the waves - for you.

30 Years Experience

We produce only the highest quality surfboards within South Africa and Europe.
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